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K-12 Life-Science Education and Outreach is the vaccination against the next generation of animal extremists, and ensures a pipeline of future researchers, and an on-going supportive and scientifically literate general public.

Be a part of the future of research – support CSBR’s life-science education programs!

You have often heard the statement “Individual and personal gifts, regardless of the amount, make a significant, real difference” from many non-profits. Our educational piece, Biomedical Research in Action: Disease Fact and Information Sheets, is a perfect illustration of how true this is. One dollar donated means that one more copy can be given to one more student! A gift of $30 means an entire 10th grade biology class will be able to use this piece during classroom instruction.

Thank you for your commitment to scientific discovery and for all you already do on behalf of biomedical research. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in promoting excitement for biomedical research and strengthening K-12 life-science education for all the discoverers of tomorrow.


Please accept my tax-deductible, charitable gift to the California Society for Biomedical Research.


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