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Each year, CBRA offers members the opportunity to attend professional development workshops and educational conferences. Some of these events are open to nonmembers at a higher registration fee. These specialized and timely programs provide a range of continuing education for professionals involved with biomedical research. Typically, webinars are hosted quarterly, an IACUC Conference is presented annually, and a two-day conference is held each Spring in conjunction with the annual CBRA Meeting. An effort is made to rotate these events geographically to accommodate as many members as possible.


  • Animal Law, Webinar 2017
  • Biomedical Research Outreach and Advocacy, Webinar 2016
  • Environmental Health and Safety, Webinar 2016
  • Compliance, Webinar 2017
  • IACUC YourWay: From A to Z, Spring 2017
  • CBRA Annual Meeting and Educational Symposium, May 2017, San Francisco Bay Area


  • Animal Law and the Biomedical Research Enterprise
  • Animal Rights Activism & Biomedical Research: Crisis Readiness & Response
  • Biomedical Research Outreach
  • Blueprint for Change” Confronting the Challenges to Animal Research – Co-Hosted with SUBR
  • Compliance: Inside-Out
  • Finding Common Ground: Harmonization of IACUCs and IBCs – Co-Hosted with MSMR
  • IACUC 101 – Co-Hosted with NIH-OLAW
  • IACUC 101 and IACUC 201 PLUS – Co-Hosted with NIH-OLAW
  • IACUC CIC: Collaborations – Implementation – Corporations
  • IACUC Rights, Roles & Responsibilities: Post-Approval Compliance – Co-Hosted with MSMR
  • IACUCs & Security – Co-Hosted with MSMR
  • IACUC YourWay: From A to Z
  • Institutional Counter-Strategies for Animal Activism
  • Institutional Crisis Management and Natural Disaster Planning: A Three-Part Training Series
  • Institutional Security and Crisis Response...How Ready Are You?
  • Proactive & Crisis Communications for Biomedical Research
  • The Ethics and Emotions of Research with Animals
  • The Three I’s: IACUCs, IBC, & IRB – Co-Hosted with MSMR