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Member organizations receive the following Membership Benefits and Services:


  • CBRA ADVOCATES on behalf of biomedical research by tracking, analyzing, and acting on local, state, and federal legislation that could potentially impact biomedical research and animal research, testing, and teaching.
  • CBRA ASSISTS our members in preparing for and responding to misrepresentation, harassment, and attack from animal rights extremists by offering on-going surveillance of animal extremist groups and monitoring animal activist publications, websites, and activities.
  • CBRA SERVES as the primary voice for the biomedical research community within the state and is available to members should they have any questions or concerns, or wish for an external spokesperson to address issues or questions from the media or from the public.
  • CBRA PROVIDES extensive on-site media training at member facilities for designated spokespersons and others who interact with the media and public.
  • CBRA PROMOTES positions consistent with the responsible use of animals in medical research, teaching, and testing.
  • CBRA COMMUNICATES with members via various email alerts including the CBRA News Blast - a bi-weekly email informing members of the most recent news in the biomedical research community; the Advocacy Update - sent to members quarterly providing a detailed summary of legislative issues at the local, state, and federal levels; the eScopes! newsletter - an electronic newsletter sent out to members on a quarterly basis - updating members on past, current, and future activities of CBRA and CSBR.
  • CBRA SPONSORS timely professional development workshops including security at research facilities, the ethics and emotions of research with animals, and the responsibilities of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs), among others.
  • CBRA EDUCATES the public through programs designed to emphasize the connection between animal research and progress in medicine and human and animal health.
  • CBRA's sister organization, the California Society for Biomedical Research IMPROVES human and animal health by promoting public education and understanding in support of biomedical research. CSBR's mission is to increase interest in and understanding of biomedical research in our schools, to expand science education programs, and to conduct public education and outreach.
  • CBRA ENCOURAGES members to become involved in the community by bringing biomedical research professionals into classrooms throughout the state to create a more accurate understanding of the benefits to humans and animals from biomedical research.

Membership dues are on a sliding-scale and are based on number of employees, annual research budgets, number of members, organizationl budget, or size of facility, depending on category of membership. Please complete the form below and a CBRA representative will contact you soon.

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