“We must educate people on what nobody knew yesterday and prepare people in our schools for what no one knows yet, but what some people must know tomorrow.” – Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist

To improve human and animal health by promoting public education and understanding in support of biomedical research.

The Organization
The California Society for Biomedical Research (CSBR) is dedicated to improving human and animal health by promoting public understanding and support for medical research and discovery.

CSBR develops and conducts public outreach and educational programs that increase general understanding of biomedical research, foster students’ understanding of the scientific method and biomedical research, increase literacy in the sciences, help teachers implement life-science curriculum, and encourages students to pursue careers in the life sciences.

Founded in 1983 as a 501 c (3) non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization, CSBR is led by a board of directors whose members are drawn from educational institutions, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, voluntary health organizations, educational organizations, and community groups.

Based in Sacramento, CSBR’s board and professional staff collaborate with over 15 educational and advocacy organizations across the country by sharing resources and curriculum materials for public education and outreach.

CSBR assists teachers and supports teaching methods by providing no-cost teacher training workshops, educational programs and activities, and the development and distribution of free, life science and health curriculum resource materials, which help to alleviate the shortage of available and topic-specific science educational materials. These curricula complement current resources and texts and work within the state and national science and health education standards.

Our educational initiatives also expand understanding of the scientific process in the general public, discussing the process of drug and medical device development, the role of basic science research in medical breakthroughs, and the need for continued support for biomedical research and early science education to insure the future of research.

CSBR is the only non-profit organization in California and Nevada dedicated to expanding understanding and support for biomedical research and to encouraging interest among students in the life sciences. CSBR’s materials and program are available free-of-charge to all K-12 students and teachers, colleges and universities, and to the general public. CSBR also serves as a reliable source of information for the media and promotes excellence in scientific journalism.

Biomedical researchers carry on critical research, discovering and inventing life-saving and life-altering treatments and cures, for human and animal health. The benefits of fostering science education in California are clear. Students who become interested in careers as scientists, doctors, veterinarians, engineers, or biomedical researchers at a younger age are likely to take the necessary steps to become leaders and innovators in the fields that impact the general health and well being of California, the nation and the world.

The California Society for Biomedical Research is governed by a diverse Board of Directors comprised of recognized leaders from the research community, biotechnology industry, higher education institutions, and interested community members. This Board oversees CSBR’s programs and exercises careful stewardship over funds and program administration. In addition, CSBR has a volunteer base of veterinarians, researchers, scientists, laboratory personnel, and teachers who actively participate and support our programs by participating at events, interacting in classrooms and conducting presentations, and consulting on the development of science education materials.

Questions and More Information
Feel free to contact CSBR with questions, suggestions, or to request additional information or copies of printed educational materials.

California Society for Biomedical Research
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Sacramento, CA 95819-0340
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CSBR Board of Directors