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The California Biomedical Research Association (CBRA) is a consortium of academic institutions, voluntary health agencies, hospitals, professional societies, not-for-profit medical research institutions, and the major medical products and pharmaceutical companies with facilities in California, Nevada, and the greater western region. CBRA is governed by a Board of Directors, drawn from CBRA member facilities. The Board of Directors meets quarterly.

Designated an IRS Section 501 (c )(4) social welfare organization, CBRA serves as the primary voice for the biomedical research community in the greater western region, promoting and supporting biomedical research and discovery, advocating positions consistent with the responsible use of animals in research, and conducting public outreach on the important role of research in advancing scientific knowledge and medical care and cure.

CBRA activities include legislative analysis and advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels; assistance with regulatory issues and research compliance; hosting professional development conferences and workshops; media and public relations; and assisting biomedical research, teaching, and testing facilities and institutions in preparing for and responding to harassment and direct action by animal extremists. In addition, CBRA provides extensive and specialized membership services for our facilities.

Equally important is the communication/information network maintained within our research community. This is truly a collaborative effort to support the research and teaching enterprise where animal use is essential. The diverse perspectives of the membership are continually shared to develop a unified approach to programs and to maintain sensitivity to the varying interests within the coalition.